Many of us face emotional difficulties at some point during our lives which need working through. We can feel overwhelmed, ‘not ourselves’ and unable to cope, sometimes from long-term issues or sudden, unexpected events. This can lead us to feeling lost or stuck, and unable to find a way forward. Turning to friends and family for support can be really useful, but sometimes this is not possible or not enough. Research shows that psychotherapy and counselling can help us through these difficulties.

I am a trained, BACP-registered, and experienced Integrative Counsellor. I can help you face and explore many issues such as anxiety, depression, fear, panic, low self-esteem, identity, and many other complex emotions that make us all human. I work collaboratively with each person, looking to understand which therapeutic approach is best for them. I work without judgement, and with an openness and compassion for the therapeutic relationships that I have with my clients. My aim is to create a safe, confidential space for you to explore what is important to you.